Scout Boss™ 6 & 6.75


Fast charging anywhere. Carry-along worldwide charger with new state-of-the-art battery saver technology for longer battery life.

Stability & traction - 3” seat to base balance adjustment optimizes drive for any size or shape.

Transportability - Use chair tie down system for in-vehicle transport.

Special Need - Extra wide footplate standard. Swing-away, elevating leg rests optional.

Style & choice - 3 rich “Mirror-Glaze™” through & through automotive colors (red, blue or black), 3 different seat colors (charcoal, black or grey), including luxurious velvet or vinyl.

All day comfort - Orthopedic contoured Com-For-Back™ seat and arms are width, depth, height & angle adjustable to fit your needs. 50° Recline Admiral Seat, Solid Seat is available in Com-For-Back™, Admiral & Rehab Seat.

Better indoor maneuverability and stability - Patented 3/4 midi-drive short 27" turning radius is much easier to drive in your home than comparable rear wheel drive chairs. Boss' 3/4 design is more stable than center drive bariatric chairs that tip easily when reaching or stopping. Comes with 8° stability.

All day outdoor power & range - US made, (13/4 HP Total) high torque motors drive maximum efficiency, inline (no maintenance) sealed gear drive. Advanced, easy to drive, 75/6 - 90/6.75 amp per channel controller saves energy while delivering maximum power for range up to (18/6.75 - 20/6) miles. Boss 6.75/Boss 6 can climb tortuous, 140 yd, 7-9° hills several times with a 600-675 lb rider.

Shock absorbing spring suspension for smoother ride while climbing 21/2" obstacles, rocks or gravel.

Boss 6.75's / 6's ultra low center of gravity is designed with 4 point seat mounts that ensure much lower seat heights, (16" for a short user - Solid Seat), for better control, drivability and easy battery access.

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