Scout M1™ & Scout M1™-350

Drive With Ease - The M1 state-of-the-art controllers driving ease, power, speed & efficiency are generations ahead of the integral controllers (joystick & power module in one box) used on many powerchairs. M1’s patented dual direction drive is inherently the most stable drive platform.

Directional Clarity - M1 Convertible™ patented flip-a-switch directional drive system features AAP (Accidental Activation Prevention) and is much more reliable than swivel seat switches.

Directional Drive = Optimum Performance - For indoor maneuverability choose the short turning radius of front wheel drive and move outdoors with relaxing ease at 4.7 mph.

On inclines, take advantage of the natural weight shift for traction and control. Go uphill in rear wheel drive and downhill in front wheel drive. If you prefer the feel of rear wheel drive, you have a custom program for ease of control and performance.

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