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Requesting a PaceSaver Product Manual

PaceSaver is more than happy to send you a new manual for your scooter should you lose it or if you have purchased a used scooter without one. Every user should carefully read and understand all of the information about their vehicle, BEFORE they use it.



Because our models have changed so many times over the past 17 years, we need to make sure that we send you the proper manual for your PaceSaver product.

When you request a new manual, make sure you include the SERIAL NUMBER off of your vehicle. 

On scooters, the serial numbers may be found on the control box located under the seatpost.  There is a silver "Leisure-Lift" label with a series of letters and numbers.  On some models (older units), the serial number starts with an "L24" and then a series of numbers and letters.  On newer units, there a two or three alpha characters (i.e. "CF") followed by numbers, and then more alpha characters. It is important that you send us the complete set of letters and numbers so that we may identify your exact unit.  Because our product is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device, we keep a complete record on every unit we have ever built. Power wheelchairs have the same number located on the underside of the footplate.

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