PaceSaver Scooters up to 500 lb capacity!

Power Chairs

Chairs suited for 300 - 675 lb capacity!


Tilt systems available on multiple power bases.

Did You Know?

We can customize any power wheelchair or scooter to fit your needs!

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Since 1993

While many scooters and power chairs are manufactured and shipped from low production cost countries like China, PaceSaver continues to manufacture products in the United States. We choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard of durability and reliability which reflect in our product.

PaceSaver is FDA inspected for design controls, good manufacturing practices and quality systems on a regular basis, while foreign plants are not. Industry tests of foreign products reveal poor quality components and designs that do not work as claimed, or worse, are dangerous to the user and/or those around it.

Everyone at PaceSaver takes pride in the knowledge of using the best parts available, with a majority of them being from the United States. Better parts, design and production lead to a superior product. A product that provides a better/healthier life for those who use it.